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What are the levels of ITIL Certification?

The ITIL certification has a series of qualifications that are focused on ITIL best practices in various degrees of depth and detail. This classification of the certification scheme offers flexibility to focus their studies on key areas of interest.

There are five levels of qualifications within the ITIL Qualification Scheme:

Foundation Level: This is the first level in the journey of ITIL that introduces to ITIL terminology, concepts, and methodology used in the ITIL service lifecycle. In this level, you are equipped with the basics of ITIL and the ways to implement in your organization.

Practitioner Level: This is the second level of ITIL that helps you to adopt and adapt ITIL at the workplace. As an ITIL Practitioner, you get to learn how to improve productivity, efficiency, and collaboration between ITSM and organization as a whole.

Intermediate Level: This is the third level of ITIL and this level has 2 streams of certification:

  • Service Lifecycle – this involves a great focus across several processes of ITIL
  • Service capability – this provides you with a more specific focus and in-depth knowledge in one or more ITIL processes.

Expert Level: This is the fourth level of ITIL and is for those who are interested to demonstrate the knowledge of ITIL Scheme entirely. You should have passed the previous levels proving your knowledge and understanding of the ITIL system before you enter this level. In this level, you can choose from the variety of processes at your interest. To clear this level you should possess a strong understanding and knowledge of the ITIL lifecycle.

Master Level: This is the fifth and the highest level of the ITIL certification. To achieve this certification you should prove your ability in implementing the knowledge in a variety of settings to achieve the expected business outcome. If you are directly involved in planning, managing and operating IT service management functions obtaining this certification demonstrates the knowledge.

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