Microsoft 70-462: Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases Training Course

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Table of Contents

<p>This course is intended for IT professionals and database administrators who want to upskill their methods in storing and managing data in the SQL server, handle performance and troubleshooting problems, connect and organize SQL servers and create a base for all other SQL server related disciplines.</p>
<h3>Key Features</h3>
<li>1-year e-learning access</li>
<p>The Microsoft 70-462 exam is for those working as SQL Server Database administrators, System engineers, and experienced developers. In this course, learn how to administer and manage SQL Server 2012 &ndash; from planning, installing, troubleshooting, recovering, and securing instances and databases. This course helps prepare you for the 70-462 exam.</p>
<li><strong>Introduction to the course</strong>
<li>Course Introduction</li>
<li>Course Modules</li>
<li><strong>Module 1</strong>
<li>Introduction to SQL Server 2012</li>
<li>SQL Server Part1</li>
<li>SQL Server Part2</li>
<li>SQL Server Part3</li>
<li>SQL Server Part4</li>
<li>SQL Server Tools Part1</li>
<li>SQL Server Tools Part2</li>
<li>SQL Server Tools Part3</li>
<li>Management Studio Demo Part1</li>
<li>Management Studio Demo Part2</li>
<li>Management Studio Demo Part3</li>
<li>Data Tools Part1</li>
<li>Data Tools Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 2</strong>
<li>Installing SQL Server</li>
<li>SQL Architecture</li>
<li>Hardware Requirements Part1</li>
<li>Hardware Requirements Part2</li>
<li>Software Requirements Part1</li>
<li>Software Requirements Part2</li>
<li>Installation Process</li>
<li>Troubleshooting Installation</li>
<li>Upgrading &amp; Unattended Installations Part1</li>
<li>Upgrading &amp; Unattended Installations Part2</li>
<li>Configuration Demo Part1</li>
<li>Configuration Demo Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 3</strong>
<li>Backup and Restore a Database</li>
<li>Database Architecture Part1</li>
<li>Database Architecture Part2</li>
<li>Database Architecture Part3</li>
<li>Database Backup Part1</li>
<li>Database Backup Part2</li>
<li>Database Backup Part3</li>
<li>Restoration Process Part1</li>
<li>Restoration Process Part2</li>
<li>Restoring System Database Part1</li>
<li>Restoring System Database Part2</li>
<li>Backup and Recovery Demo Part1</li>
<li>Backup and Recovery Demo Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 4</strong>
<li>Tracing Access to SQL Server</li>
<li>Auditing Options Part1</li>
<li>Auditing Options Part2</li>
<li>Introduction to SQL Audit Part1</li>
<li>Introduction to SQL Audit Part2</li>
<li>Audit Objects and Implementation</li>
<li>Extended Events Part1</li>
<li>Extended Events Part2</li>
<li>Tracing Activity Demo Part1</li>
<li>Tracing Activity Demo Part2</li>
<li>Tracing Activity Demo Part3</li>
<li>Tracing Activity Demo Part4</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 5</strong>
<li>Importing and Exporting Data</li>
<li>Introduction to Data Transfer Part1</li>
<li>Introduction to Data Transfer Part2</li>
<li>ETL Tools</li>
<li>Improving Data Transfer Part1</li>
<li>Improving Data Transfer Part2</li>
<li>Improving Data Transfer Part3</li>
<li>Improving Data Transfer Part4</li>
<li>Copying Database Methods Part1</li>
<li>Copying Database Methods Part2</li>
<li>Transferring Data Demo Part1</li>
<li>Transferring Data Demo Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 6</strong>
<li>SQL Server Security</li>
<li>Security and Authentication</li>
<li>Server and Database Roles</li>
<li>Permissions Part1</li>
<li>Permissions Part2</li>
<li>Securing SQL Server Demo Part1</li>
<li>Securing SQL Server Demo Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 7</strong>
<li>Automating SQL Server</li>
<li>SQL Server Agent</li>
<li>Database Mail</li>
<li>Operators, Alerts and Jobs</li>
<li>Database Configuration Demo Part1</li>
<li>Database Configuration Demo Part2</li>
<li>Database Configuration Demo Part4</li>
<li>Database Configuration Demo Part3</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 8</strong>
<li>Monitoring SQL Server</li>
<li>Dynamic Management Views and Functions</li>
<li>Profiler Trace</li>
<li>Database Tuning Advisor</li>
<li>Activity and Performance Monitor</li>
<li>Data Collection</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part1</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part2</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part3</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part4</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part5</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part6</li>
<li>Monitoring Demo Part7</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 9</strong>
<li>Maintaining SQL Server</li>
<li>Checking Database Integrity</li>
<li>Indexing Part1</li>
<li>Indexing Part2</li>
<li>Indexing Part3</li>
<li>Ongoing Maintenance</li>
<li>Managing and Maintaining Demo Part1</li>
<li>Managing and Maintaining Demo Part2</li>
<li>Managing and Maintaining Demo Part3</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li><strong>Module 10</strong>
<li>Troubleshooting SQL Server</li>
<li>Service Issues</li>
<li>Connectivity Issues</li>
<li>Locking Issues</li>
<li>Troubleshooting Demo Part1</li>
<li>Troubleshooting Demo Part2</li>
<li>Exam Scenarios</li>
<li>Module Review</li>
<li>Program Review</li>

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