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Leadership Skills vs. Management Training Course

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Table of Contents

This course will give you a complete understanding of the difference between leadership and management skills. With the completion of this course, you will be able to apply the knowledge in your work-space and deliver efficient results along with your team.

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To be a manager is a fascinating yet challenging job at once. A manager has to maintain the critical balance between when to lead and when to manage. We bring you this course that helps you gain knowledge on how to balance. It will help you to know about how to deal with various situations that a manager has to face. Circumstances such as hiring, managing the team and keeping them intact.


  1. Course Introduction
    1. Course Introduction
  2. Management and Leadership Fundamentals
    1. What is leadership?
    2. Brian Tracy’s definition of leadership
    3. Management styles
    4. The difference between leadership and management
    5. When to lead and when to manage
    6. Your growth as a leader
    7. Leadership and management of yourself as an entrepreneur
    8. Traits of strong leaders
    9. Traits of strong managers
  3. Decision Making
    1. Big priorities for your mid to long-term company direction
    2. The Eisenhower Matrix
    3. Impulsiveness
  4. How to Give and Take Criticism and Feedback
    1. What exactly is correct feedback
    2. Giving employee feed…
    3. Situation Behavior Impact
    4. How to take feedback
    5. If you have to give negative feedback
  5. Conflict Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Conflict handling or conflict resolution styles
    3. Additional conflict resolution tips
    4. After conflict
  6. Emotional Intelligence
    1. What is emotional intelligence?
    2. Self awareness
    3. Self awareness exercise
    4. Self management
    5. The four elements of relaxation
    6. Empathy
  7. How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
    1. How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
  8. Business Communication
    1. Proof-read your comm…
    2. Grammarly
    3. Phone skills
  9. Team Building
    1. Most important work relationship
    2. 5 factors of employee happiness
    3. Getting employees to work better together
    4. Rewards and employee recognition
    5. What not to do as a leader
  10. Management and Leadership for Small Organizations
    1. Partnering and business partners
    2. Company of one
  11. Hiring Employees
    1. Hiring technique
    2. Hiring your first employee
    3. Different kinds of fits
  12. Hiring Freelancers
    1. Hiring on Fiverr
    2. Hiring on UpWork
    3. Hire for small projects first if possible


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