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Anti Corruption

In this course we’ll discuss what corruption actually is by examining, for example, the difference between a tip and an illegal bribe. We will examine where corruption exists, how it exists, its ramifications, and the genesis of today’s anti-corruption laws. We’ll also focus on practical strategies for creating compliance policies and procedures that address and prevent corruption.

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You may be accustomed to tipping wait staff or other service providers, but what if you paid a police officer for NOT issuing a parking ticket?  Or if you gave a “gift” to a government official for signing a contract with your company? Tipping might be okay, but paying a bribe is a violation of the law.  

 Bribery is widespread and exists almost everywhere and in many forms.  Compliance programs address this and other forms of corruption. 

We will learn about the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, and many other anti-corruption laws.  Much of the course will focus on building out compliance policies and procedures that address corruption.  We will also look at practical methods for preventing corruption in an organization as well as red flags and other mechanisms for identifying corruption early so that it can be adequately addressed.

Key Features

Expert-led courses on anti-corruption issues from a donor-perspective.

Self-study, group discussions, 

and interactive tasks in an online forum.

Self-study, group discussions, and interactive tasks in an online forum.

Self-paced courses up to 1 hour. 

Expert-led courses up to 5 hours per week.

Self-paced courses up to 1 hour. Expert-led courses up to 5 hours per week.

Log on any time – from home or the office.



Provide examples of anti-corruption laws and explain the implications

Describe the relationship between anti-corruption efforts and an organization’s culture and compliance programs

Identify strategies for avoiding corruption issues

Provide strategies for structuring a comprehensive anti-corruption program that can prevent and/or mitigate corruption in an organization. 



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