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Product Owner Certification

Brightedge Academy has come up with an excellent product owner certification in the UK. The course offers in-depth understanding of the eclectic blend of responsiveness and flexibility of Agile with a clearly defined agile network. This course is meant for those who wish to pursue agile product owner training and organisations using agile product and recognising the use and benefits of agile methods application. The course also guides on practical application of agile thereby helping to reduce conflict and ensure effective implementation. This allows the practitioner to enjoy the best of the both worlds. The certified scrum product owner training is affordable and reasonable considering the immense benefits and learning it offers.

The product owner certification course is an in-depth, highly interactive course that completely covers the underlying principles and values of Scrum and Agile. The scrum product owner training allows the candidates to take a deep look at the role of a product owner and the creative techniques for augmenting the product value within the scrum network. The agile product owner training imparts a thorough introduction to Scrum and Agile along with knowledge about tools that are used to get started with scrum at their workplace and becoming a great product owner.

Reach out to us at Brightedge Academy and find out more about the role played by a certified scrum product owner and how it can help him progress further in his career. The course and training bring loads of benefits to the candidates who get the opportunity to learn new skills and practices.

Key Features

  • 2 days instructor-led virtual training
  • Express Certification
  • Best price in Industry
  • Courseware Material
  • E-Certificate

The Product Owner (PO) is the member of the Agile Team who serves as the customer proxy and is responsible for working with Product Management and other stakeholders – including other Product owners-to define and prioritize stories in the team backlog so that the Solution effectively addresses program priorities (features/enablers) while maintaining technical integrity. Ideally, the Product Owner is collocated with the rest of the team, where they typically share management, incentives, and culture. But Product Owner also attends most relevant Product Management meetings about planning and back login/vision refinement.

The Product Owner is the key member of the Scrum Team and shoulders the responsibility of leading the project strategically, collaborating with customers and team on a daily basis, and managing the business value. Though he doesn’t need to be an expert in the process, the Product Owner must have sufficient understanding of the Agile Manifesto and enough knowledge to assist the ScrumMaster if the need arises.

  • Agile – The Value Proposition
  • Creating a Product Vision
  • Defining Users
  • Creating Epics
  • Creating a Product Roadmap
  • Creating User Stories
  • Grouping User Stories into Themes
  • Product Backlog Prioritization
  • Estimating Team Velocity
  • Release Planning
  • Creating Acceptance Criteria
  • Grooming the Product Backlog
  • Metrics and Reporting
  • Boost Product Owner capabilities
  • Optimize Agile teams as well as interaction with stakeholders and customers
  • Increase Scrum functionality
  • Realistic planning and scheduling
  • Gain practical, proven techniques
  • Improve estimating skills and results
  • Maximize delivery capabilities
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve ROI
  • Leverage proven experience

This training and certification is ideal for:

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers
  • Software developers
  • Software coders
  • Software testers
  • Team leads or team members who are interested in learning more about Scrum and leading Agile projects


  • Successful completion of an EXIN Accredited Training including Practical Assignments.
  • Knowledge of Scrum terminology, for instance through the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation exam, is strongly recommended.

Candidates can choose to take EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner exam paper-based or computer-based exam. The exam is as follows:

  • Multiple choices
  • 40 questions per paper
  • 65 percentile required to be passed
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Closed book


What is Scrum?

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development method for managing software projects and product or application development. Software Professionals all over the world are passionate about Scrum. However, Scrum is not hype in IT industry. Scrum is an Agile Project Management Framework to develop great products that customers love.

How do I book a course?

You can enroll for an online instructor-led training certification, directly from our website by filling up the booking form. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team who can book you for a course.

How can I pay for the course?

We have 2 modes of payment-

a) Using PayPal account

b) Using credit or debit card

How ill I get the materials?

On your enrollment & payment of the course price, the material will be shared with you via email.

Can I pay after getting my certificate or after the training?

The payment must be done before the training starts. At least 15 days before the class commencement date.

Which certificate will i get if I pass the Exin Agile Product Owner exam?

After successfully passing the Exin Agile Product Owner exam, you will receive the certificate from the Certification body EXIN.

How can I verify my certificate?

After successfully passing your certification exam, you can validate your certificate immediately in the Exin portal. your name will be displayed in the successful candidate register(EXIN website)

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